The Moment I HATE Visual Studio

No Comments June 4, 2009

For the Record, I really like Visual Studio. Most days I LOVE Visual Studio.

But there is one moment that I use Visual Studio that I cannot fully describe the visceral loathing-and-hatred I have for Visual Studio.

The situation appears when I have installed some software that has not merged its help content into Visual Studio help system.

God forbid that at that moment you accidentally hit the F1 key. In such a case Visual Studio hangs as it merges the new help content into its help system. No Cancel. No Pause. No Stop. No "I Didn't Mean To Do That." No Prompt--"would you like to merge blah blah blah. This could take a few minutes."

Instead you see THIS...

enter image description here

There is nothing you can do to stop this short of a)  killing Visual Studio using task manager or b) go get a burger.

On my old machine this merge operation could take as many as 20 minutes.

ARG... Microsoft...please fix this stupidty.

Seth B Spearman

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